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Festival of Functional Medicine 2022

Determined to Bust Myths About Functional Medicine.

Dr Indra Specialist Functional Medicine Practice, based in Leeds, was established in 2015 with one goal in mind - to help people with chronic conditions! The Practice was the brainchild of Dr Indra Barathan who, after 17 years in the NHS, became disillusioned with treating people’s symptoms instead of dealing with the root cause of the illness. Indra explains, “the NHS is a fantastic organisation, and we are very fortunate to live in a country where we have healthcare available to all. However, we are all aware of the limits the NHS faces, which essentially come down to a lack of time and money”.

‘Functional Medicine’ is a term which many people in the UK are simply unfamiliar with, but it is widely known in the US. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge has led to people questioning the authenticity of its methods, so the Dr Indra mission is to educate people on the facts of functional medicine. Another barrier facing preventative methods is the financial cost. The NHS is perceived as a ‘free’ service, and people are typically suspicious when healthcare comes with a price tag. Indra says “this belief is beginning to shift as more people recognise the benefits of paying for the gym and better-quality food. Investing in your health with time and money, means you reduce the likelihood of long-term or future health issues, which the NHS does not have the ability to investigate”.

Patients working with the Dr Indra Practice meet with three separate specialists, a doctor, a health coach, and a nutritional therapist. These specialists carry out thorough consultations and testing to better understand the individual’s body and mind, initially to identify any underlying issues. This is not a quick process, but one that can take several months as treatment plans are implemented and results analysed. During this time, patients are educated on what their bodies need and how best to optimise them, with the goal being to treat the root cause and prevent future health issues. Patients benefit from wide expertise as the Practice consists of eleven specialists (at present), making it the largest functional medicine team in the country.

In February 2021, the Dr Indra Practice hosted the world’s first online Festival of Functional Medicine (FOFM). The aim of FOFM was to produce an informative and interactive day of celebration and learning, accessible by anyone. The Dr Indra team and other leading specialists delivered a day of education and support on topics which affect many people on a daily basis. Indra explains her reasons for creating this event, “I’ve always known that my Practice can only do so much, and I needed a bigger platform to raise awareness on this topic. The success of the Festival was quite overwhelming as we quickly learnt how hungry people were to understand their health better”.

Following the success of the 2021 FOFM, plans are now afoot for FOFM22: The Fundamentals of Living, with Headline Sponsor Function 365. Indra states, “we have an exceptional line-up of specialists who will be presenting on subjects including nutrition, movement and thought. We are especially excited to be running parallel presentations throughout the day, one focusing on adults and the other on young people’s health”. As all sessions are recorded, attendees can choose which talk they wish to attend in person and watch those they missed on demand. There is also a chance to ask questions directly to the speakers during the numerous networking breaks.

The Festival will take place on, Saturday, 29th January 2022, 9am - 6pm and is online. Please see the agenda attached and If you wish to attend, tickets are now on sale at

Please note this event is not organised by Yorkshire Ladies Links and if you require any further information please visit


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