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About Yorkshire Ladies Links

Join a community of empowered women in Yorkshire for networking, workshops, and inspiring discussions. From business networking to personal development, our events cater to diverse interests and aspirations.


Connect, learn, and grow with Yorkshire Ladies Links – where women come together to thrive.

​The journey began in December 2012 when founder Melanie Malcolm, fuelled by a passion for networking, initiated and promoted events both online and offline for her clients. As Melanie facilitated introductions among her contacts, fostering collaboration and networking, she identified an opportunity to establish an events company named Yorkshire Ladies Links.

Since its inception, Yorkshire Ladies Links, under Melanie's guidance, has flourished into a thriving organisation, attracting thousands of delegates. ​Notable milestones include the organisation of the annual Yorkshire Ladies Links BE INSPIRED Conferences held every March, drawing over 1300 delegates to venues in Harrogate and Wetherby. These conferences have earned a reputation as one of Yorkshire's largest networking events for women.

​Expanding the portfolio, the Yorkshire Business Festival was hosted in the autumn, featuring events across North and South Yorkshire areas, along with hosting business workshops, Christmas shopping events, and charity ladies lunches.

​The conferences provide delegates and exhibitors with opportunities for networking, attendance at award-winning motivational speaker sessions, and participation in business workshops. The events consistently attract successful women in business, mentors, and celebrities who often contribute as guest speakers. Each conference also supports a local or national charity through charity partnerships and discounts on exhibiting.

​In 2015, Yorkshire Ladies Links proudly became Co-Founders of The Yorkshire Choice Awards – a prestigious charity event and award ceremony recognising local individuals and independent businesses that serve as inspirations in their respective fields. The awards encompass various categories spanning diverse backgrounds and skill sets, united by a common trait – the will to achieve.

To find out more information on the Yorkshire Choice Awards please visit HERE

Don't just take our word for it! Here are a selection of testimonials from attendees and exhibitors:

This was my first exhibition with YLL and it won't be my last. Fantastic venue and Melanie Malcolm was a great host. On my part the day was flawless and a great success. Met some wonderful people and even managed a signed book as well! Well done to all concerned and can't wait for next time

- Christine Jowett Leeds Cryotherapy Clinic


Always such amazing events! Inspiring speakers and always leave feeling very motivated and energised! Great networking opportunity and not just for the ladies!! Awesome

- Dale Sidebottom NatWest Bank


Another great event, well organised and good venue! Lots of visitors and ladies networking and hopefully some new business for me! Really enjoyed listening to Liz Taylor's story and how she built up her events business! - Jodie Harris Travel Counsellors


Brilliant afternoon in the company of these legends Christa Ackroyd, Tanya Arnold, Kersten England and Etta Cohen OBE. Thank you to Kate Hardcastle for the invite and event organiser Melanie Malcolm

- Anne Stirk, Guest Speaker

Melanie Malcolm

Our Founder

Melanie Malcolm

Melanie, a pioneering leader with a wealth of accolades, consistently strives to inspire individuals within her network. She ensures they gain the recognition and visibility they rightfully deserve for their talents and achievements.


Since the establishment of Yorkshire Ladies Links, Melanie has propelled the organisation’s reach to include participation from thousands of individuals through the hosting of events across the region.


As a Co-founder and Director of The Yorkshire Choice Awards, she spearheads the recognition of local heroes and businesses that serve as inspirations in their respective fields.


As the Director of the award-winning Cinema and Smart Home Company, Bespoke Home Cinemas, and a global CEDIA Board Director (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association), Melanie stands out as a seasoned entrepreneur, possessing a keen understanding of what it takes to foster business growth. Her recent appointment as a Director for the charitable initiative, Together For Cinema CIC, underscores her commitment to supporting AV companies in providing cinema rooms to Children’s Hospices across the UK.


Melanie's passion for giving back is evident in her involvement in various philanthropic endeavours, where she actively supports charitable causes and aids individuals and organisations in gaining the exposure and recognition they truly merit for their accomplishments.


Be Inspired 2017


Be Inspired Conference

The Yorkshire Ladies Links "Be Inspired" conferences stand out as dynamic and empowering gatherings designed to uplift and motivate women across the region. These conferences serve as a platform for networking, personal development, and the exchange of ideas.


At these events, attendees have the opportunity to engage with accomplished speakers and thought leaders who share their insights and experiences. The diverse range of speakers covers various fields, providing a rich tapestry of perspectives and expertise. The conferences aim to inspire women to excel in their professional and personal lives, cultivating a sense of community and empowerment.


The agenda typically includes keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, allowing participants to delve into topics that resonate with their aspirations and challenges. Whether it's entrepreneurship, leadership, work-life balance, or personal growth, the "Be Inspired" conferences offer a comprehensive and enriching experience.


Beyond the educational aspects, these conferences create an atmosphere of support and encouragement, nurturing connections among attendees. Networking sessions provide opportunities to build valuable relationships, share insights, and potentially collaborate on future endeavours.


The impact of the Yorkshire Ladies Links "Be Inspired" conferences extends beyond the event itself, influencing and inspiring attendees in their respective journeys. By cultivating a community of empowered and motivated women, these conferences contribute to the broader goal of promoting positive change and progress in the Yorkshire region.

Yorkshire Ladies Links

Event Pictures


Explore our Yorkshire Ladies Links gallery, showcasing images from our diverse array of events, including conferences, business networking, charity events, ladies lunches, and Christmas shopping gatherings. If you've captured moments from attending our events and would like to be featured in our gallery, kindly share your images with us by emailing them to

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