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Celebrity Event Planner Launches Biography: Taylor Made

Liz Taylor, one of the UK’s most successful event management entrepreneurs and a former guest speaker at one of our Yorkshire Ladies Links events, moves in impressive circles. Not everyone answers the phone to mysterious callers who turn out to be Gary Barlow’s PA; or finds Kensington Palace calling in need of a party planning professional to ‘save’ a charity gala dinner. Yet as Liz reveals in her new book Taylor Made, an annotation of her life organising the most extravagant parties, it is not what you know but who you know.

And Liz, has quite literally made it her business to know anyone who is anyone. Here, she shares the motivation behind writing her biography, along with her favourite moments the book:

I first got the idea to write my biography around 5 years ago. Since that first thought blossomed in my mind, it is something I’ve not been able to shake. The urge has grown and grown, and I knew that this was something I absolutely had to do.

My motivations were in part selfish - to document just how extraordinary some moments in my life have been. Yes, I do name drop, but the likes of Eamonn Holmes, Gary Neville, Tom Kerridge, Catherine Tyldesley, even Prince Charles, are an integral part of the story.

I would say authoring a book was both easier and harder than I expected. There was no shortage of content but sometimes what you leave out is as important as what you leave in. Professional integrity intact. The more difficult chapters were the personal ones, but a biography needs to show the whole person. They shaped who I am today.

The chapters that flowed easily were those that focused on me the professional. Recounting a selection of my favourite events and the big breaks that catapulted me to where I am today. I enjoyed sharing one or two tricks of the trade - a Prada handbag, a billionaire’s dog – just a few of the moments that led to remarkable opportunities.

In part I wanted to inspire. I still hope that somebody fresh out of university (or school) will read it and take a leap of faith. Because that is what has led me to leading the life I have. Say yes, until you have to say no. If somebody asks you to bring Harry Styles to deliver an 18th birthday cake, say yes then worry about the logistics later. Did we manage to pull that off? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out!

Taylor Made is the fascinating story of Liz Taylor, CEO of event planners the Taylor Lynn Corporation. An unflappable, unstoppable entrepreneur who knows the ultimate power of networking, in fact she has built her career out of it. Taylor Made is available now to buy now from Amazon in hardback and e-book. Taylor Made: Life of an Entrepreneur, Mother and Celebrity Event Planner:

To contact Liz please visit: and │ Twitter: @taylorlynncorp │ Instagram: @taylorlynncorp │ Facebook: @taylorlynncorporation

And watch this space as we'll be sharing more news from Liz together with Yorkshire Ladies Links soon....

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